My Calling

My calling is to promote personal development by helping people discover the core of who they are, the inner Self, and develop and express their potential. Basically I’m a people cultivator.

The thing that lights me up the most is helping people recognize the core Self and develop their natural gifts and talents. I believe that meaning and fulfillment come from developing our unique collection of gifts and talents and using them in our work. I believe that when we work from our gifts and talents – the inner genius – we do our best work. I believe that working from the inner genius we can get into a state of flow, where things seem easier and more comfortable and feel right.

In my work I help people see their strengths so they can give them nourishment, and I help them see areas they need to prune. I help them find their undeveloped potential, the seeds waiting to germinate, so they can give them light and water and nutrients and protect them from parasites and pests.

I advocate a mentorship approach to developing people, both by mentoring and by helping other people develop mentorship skills. My personal mission is to be a catalyst for personal growth through genuine, dynamic relationships that expand to transform families, groups, and organizations.

My goal is to ignite hearts and encourage other people to do the same.