My Work

My mission is to help you discover the core of who you are and develop your natural strengths and talents. I help you get clear about what you value, and I help you understand your natural way of being, how you like to interact with people and the world around you.

When you engage your core self, you tap in to your passions. Your core becomes your compass and your energy source, guiding you to do what you were born to do and what matters to you, and giving you strength for the journey. Your core becomes energized until it’s Blazing. It drives you, and you become a Thriving Force of nature. You become a Trailblazer.

I am a coach, trainer, and consultant helping people develop into core driven leaders and Trailblazers. My work is themed around Trailblazing, which means living a self-directed life off the beaten path. Many of my clients want careers or small businesses off the beaten path, too, so I work with them on worklife liberation.

My focus is helping you get clear about who you are at your core – your natural gifts and talents, your natural way of being, your passions, and your deep values. Together we design your life and your career to align with your core. That way you draw on your strengths and abilities, which makes you more flexible and adaptable, more resilient, and more successful, and leaves you with a greater sense of well-being, purpose, and satisfaction. It’s an authentic way of living and working, so it’s a lot more comfortable and enjoyable.

You can learn about my coaching and consulting services by visiting my “Services” page.

You can learn about my training events and my written and recorded training materials by visiting my “Training” page.

I publish The Trailblazer, my e-mail newsletter with tips, inspiration, and how-to advice on developing your core so you can hone your vision, tune your compass, and navigate work and life off the beaten path. Click here to learn more and sign up.

Occasionally I produce video tips to help you take simple steps to reclaim your creativity and productivity, take charge of your life, and make your ideas happen. Click here to see episodes of Trailblazing TV.

I blog on personal growth, self-employment, worklife liberation, and other Trailblazing themes. I include my own experiences and discoveries, as well as ideas I learn from teachers, mentors, colleagues, and even clients. Click here to visit Blazing Core.

For several months I produced a weekly podcast called Tapa Palapa co-hosted by Life Coach Francie Cooper. The podcast is about savoring the banquet of life and being open to exploring so you find more to savor. Click here to listen to the archives of Tapa Palapa.