My work is themed around Trailblazing, which means living a self-directed life off the beaten path. I help people develop into core driven leaders and Trailblazers. I offer coaching, training, and consultation on personal leadership, which is about taking charge of the direction and ultimate outcome of your life, and on business leadership. I especially enjoy working with people on the intersection of the two, self-employment.


I offer professional coaching to help you develop a clear vision, create an effective plan, navigate around obstacles and roadblocks, and implement your plan to reach your goals step-by-step. Coaching provides strong support and encouragement to help you stay focused and keep going. That’s why it can work well when you’re transitioning to a new career or starting and growing a small business. It can also work well for you if you’re in a leadership position, such as a boss, supervisor, teacher, or parent. Coaching is a great format for helping you develop as a mentor so you can help the people you lead grow into confident, capable leaders in their own lives.

Coaching has clear principles, skills, and guidelines under the direction of the International Coach Federation (ICF). The ICF defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.

I see coaching as a creative, dynamic relationship focused on you and your goals. As your coach I listen attentively and intuitively to help you increase awareness and choose a path, one step at a time, to accomplish your goals. Coaching encourages you to take control of your life. It helps you learn new skills, face new challenges, and build confidence. It helps you explore, understand, and honor your values. It helps you discover your interests and passions to live with purpose and enjoyment. It promotes balance and deeper connections for a more authentic, meaningful life.

Individual coaching sessions take place by phone or Skype audio. A full session lasts about 45-50 minutes and a brief session lasts about 25-30 minutes. An individual session may be a little shorter or go a little longer sometimes. I include support between calls by e-mail for ongoing clients. There is no long-term commitment required and you don’t have to purchase multi-month coaching packages in advance.

You design your own package each month by choosing the number of calls you want based on your schedule and your budget. There are discounts when you purchase multiple sessions in a month. Together we will come up with a frequency of coaching sessions that works for you.

From time to time I offer coaching in a group format. Group coaching brings together a few people, usually between 4 and 8, for a couple of one-hour calls per month. Group members bring their own agenda items to each call and receive coaching plus group input and insight and support. If you’re interested in joining a group check with me to see when I have a group starting you can join.

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I provide consultation on career design, small business design, transition to self-employment, small business remodeling or redesign, small business development, profit center development, marketing, personal leadership, leadership development, and mentorship for leaders.

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