My work is themed around Trailblazing, which means living a self-directed life off the beaten path. I help people develop into core driven leaders and Trailblazers. I offer coaching, training, and consultation on personal leadership, which is about taking charge of the direction and ultimate outcome of your life, and on business leadership. I especially enjoy working with people on the intersection of the two, self-employment.

I offer training on topics related to being or becoming core driven leaders and Trailblazers. These include personal leadership, life and work design, self-employment, small business leadership, positive psychology, human development, and mentorship.

Training Materials

I create information products such as e-books, e-workbooks, and recordings of presentations I have made. I create videos themed around Trailblazing and publish them as a videocast. I co-produced a weekly podcast over several months with fellow coach, Francie Cooper.

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Virtual Training Events

From time to time I offer training in the form of teleseminars, which are calls made on a bridge line so several people can call in. Most of these teleseminars are recorded so people who can’t attend at the planned time can still hear the training. I also look for other virtual formats, such as webinars, as alternative ways to offer training programs.

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Live Training Events

I occasionally make live presentations at workshops, conferences, or other group settings.

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