“I told Steve I was struggling with the decision to fire a manager and he asked me two questions: ‘What will things look like a month from now if you do it? What will they look like if you don’t?’

“Those two clearly and simply stated questions made me stop and think everything through with direction and purpose. For me the most powerful question was, ‘What will it look like if you don’t?’ I knew exactly what it would look like and it enabled me to realize it was fear of the changes that paralyzed me into not acting.

“I don’t think I will ever approach a major decision without asking myself those two questions. Something so simple created a complete paradigm shift for me, and I have started using this technique in meetings with my managers.”

Nancy C., Dallas-Fort Worth – business owner with multiple locations


“I asked Steve to coach me on ways to turn my experience as a Spanish teacher for young children into a business training other teachers and developing programs they can follow. When I came up with ideas, I felt overwhelmed and did not know where or how to start putting them into action, but Steve helped me see I could break it into small sections and simple steps.

“I am now making progress writing my training book and have come up with additional ideas for resources for teachers. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, I now feel excited because I am moving forward on my projects and have a way to turn more of my ideas into reality.

“Steve showed me it was possible to make my dreams come true.
Thank you Steve!”

Carol P., Dallas-Fort Worth – Montessori Teacher and Spanish Teacher and Translator, aspiring small business owner


“Having Steve in my life to help me see how to work through both financial and personal challenges has been simply life changing. I wish I could start off each day with a daily conversation with him! Man, what I could do!”

Scott P., Denver – small business owner